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Play open Mic on Monday

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Soon my friends...soon

So I have been putting this off because the open mic I want t ogo to doesnt start until 10pm on a monday, so that means it does not get into full swing until about 11ish I am guessing. I have just been focusing on work lately…but I am going to do it soon. I have been writing too many songs lately to just sit in my living room and perform for my dog.

It has been too long

I have been playing the guitar and singing for more years than I care to admit…but it has been about 4 years since I last got up on stage.

After getting drunk tonight and writing a new song, I felt the itch and it is pretty strong. I want to sing loud and proud. I hope to keep this going and go sing somewhere on Monday.

I dont really need a mic…but most places require you to plug in and play.

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