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clean my bedroom

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I can’t believe I did this. All because other family members came to visit and they stayed in my room.

Shelves and Walls

I’ve reorganized my small cubicle shelves and I’m looking towards repainting my walls a chocolatey brown one one with a mustard yellow or cafe au lait on the other three. I was thinking of coloring the door and frames black, but that might be too dark. I really want some brown, some deep colors to make my room cozy, and in doing this, I’ll have to take out the clutter and even scrapbook some things I just can’t throw away.

Half-way There!

Tidied it up a few days ago. Fixed up my dresser, but I need to redecorate. That’s a different goal, but my room looks better.

Company's Coming!

I had a friend stay at my place until she got her life back together. Eventhough she left yesterday, I have another relative coming tomorrow, and I removed so much stuff to the basement. I feel like I can breath! Now for some decorating ideas.

Made My Bed.

I made my bed the other day, and my dad cheered me for this! You know you’re a slob when….

Cluttered Room, Cluttered Mind

I have too much clutter. It’s not an adult’s room, eventhough I call myself one. I’d feel better about myself if my room were tidy and organized, especially if it had some style to it. It’s depressing looking at my room.

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