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stop trying to please everyone


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coz I know I can't

it’s so frustrating. Trying to please EVERYONE is so difficult. I’m tired of being so nice, it hurts me now. I always care about how people feel that I don’t consider my feelings anymore.
I’m jealous of people who can express their feelings well. Those people who can tell everyone they are pissed off with someone and get away with it. Those people who hurt other peoples feeling without feeling guilty after. Those people who are happy even if almost everyone hates them.
Why are they able to do that? and why can’t I do that? Why is my conscience so strong that I can’t even make a little mistake without feeling guilty. I’m so weak. I feel no one cares about me. It’s like I can be gone and no one will look for me.
But what I can I do? Accept the fact that I can’t please everyone and start caring about my feelings.


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