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Waterfall Nymph in Graton is doing 30 things including…

Exercise 6 x Week

12 cheers


Waterfall Nymph has written 46 entries about this goal

Week 8 - 6 times

Day 1 (M) – Run
To the blueberry farm and back. Ran all of it except for the bit where I took off my jacket.

3.3 miles. 39:20
Avg speed – 11:4 min/ mile
Avg HR – 162
Max HR – 175

Day 2 (T) – Yoga
Did a yoga for abs tape with mom. Very beginner but plenty of challenge for me. I never can keep inhale and exhale matched to what they’re supposed to be.

Day 3 (W) – Bike
The hw was 20 min. w/u then 3 spinning intervals on flat road, then 20 min. c/d. GG and I went out on Guerneville Rd but the traffic was too much to feel comfortable pushing (hello trailer-trucks at 60 mph!) so we went over to Hall Road. Good but hard. Looking forward to having a cadence sensor so I have some idea of what I’m doing.

16.78 miles. 1:19
Avg speed – 12.7 mph
Avg HR – 152
Max HR – 168

Day 4 (TH)- Run
Started the couch to 10K program at Wk 9, Day 1. Felt good about it even though one whole 7 minute run was uphill. Oof. Made it to Forestville and touched the end of trail sign.

Run 7/ Walk 2 – 7 times.
5.6 miles. 1:07
Avg speed – 12.05 min/ mile
Avg HR – 162
Max HR – 182

Day 5 (F) – Bike
Did 2 yoga tapes with mom (45 minutes) was able to do the abs better this time.

Then first TSQ ride. All around E. Santa Rosa in places I can’t map mentally. Not super fast but very close together and intense. Worked on paceline riding so supposed to be 2 feet back from the person ahead of you? And not break? Or change speed? Um, yeah. But I made it through and though the least skillful person in my group, not embarrassingly so.

18.75 miles. 1:50 with traffic stops and stops for lecture.
Avg speed – 10.3 mph (including the stops – with the group was about 13-14)
Avg HR – 142
Max HR – 177

Day 6 (SA) – Run
Wk 9, Day 2 of the C210K. I shortened the walk segments since GG had somewhere to be at 5 and I started late. Also may have run out of distance on the last segment but heart rate was too high to figure that out. Not sure how high, since I got weird HR readings the last 13 minutes. I refuse to believe I hit 215. Felt like crap pretty much the whole time. Running in the afternoon, never a good idea.

Run 7/ Walk 1.5 – 6 times.
4.26 miles. 50:33
Avg speed – 11.5 min/ mile

Week 7

Day 1 (M)
Ran the blueberry loop. A few brief walks.
3.38 miles. 39:39
Avg speed – 11:43 min/mi
Avg HR – 165
Max HR – 177

Day 2 (Sa)
Biking. HW was 2×10 minutes in HR zone 3 with 90-100 RPM with 7 minute recovery. I tried, but I can’t say if I was at 90 RPM. I got out really early and there wasn’t much foot or road traffic. Nice.
12.1 miles. 58:20
Avg speed – 12.4 mph
Avg HR – 153
Max HR – 175

Day 3 (Su)
Biking. HW was endurance with 90-100 cadence but HR in zone 2. Right. Also working on climbing in and out of the saddle. I’ve never tried to pedal standing, so that was interesting. Quite a lot of lube on my calves.

A hard ride. Lots going wrong – helmet getting wind, people, tried going down Green Valley Road which is way too advanced for me, etc. Came home, cried, and went back out.
10:82 miles. 56:12
Avg speed – 11.3 MPH
Avg HR – 144
Max HR – 170

Week 6

Day 1 (M)
Small run at low speed as recommended when one has a cold.
1 1/4 miles. 16:16
Avg speed – 12:14 min/mi
Avg HR – 150
Max HR – 158

Day 2 (W)
Bike ride to Forestville and back with GG. Tricky – I was in the small ring for a lot of the time when I meant to be in the big ring. And vice versa. Also push-ups.

Day 3 (Th)
An hour and a half of planting trees in the mud. Much very difficult shoveling. Ouch.

Day 4 (Su)
Biking to town and back with the chum on the BB42.
9 miles – 30 minutes in, 25 back.

Week 5

Spent all of February being sick of one sort and another. Even a huge bedridden one. Whee! Happy March!

Day 1 (Su)BB42 with the chum. To Graton and the other bike trail and back for a park photo shoot but then, it was so nice, we went to Forestville and back too. Over 6 miles. Whee!

Day 2(M)
2 mile run – 24 minutes. 10 min R/ 1 W/ 12 R. Not sure about HR, over 180 on several occasions.

Day 3 (Tu)
20 minute aerobic DVD, also push-ups 1,1.

Day 4 (W)
Blueberry farm run – much impeded by deep floodwaters. Squish.
3 1/4 miles. 41:31.
Avg speed – 12:22 min/mi
Avg HR – 164
Max HR – 179 (not good!)

Day 5 (Sa)
The goal for this run was to try to a pace at about 5.5 – 6 mph and run for 10 minutes bursts 3 times with 1 min walks. Quite hard to do.
2.9 miles. 32:25
Avg speed – 11:03 min/mi
Avg HR – 169
Max HR – 182

Week 4 -

Felled by another cold. But back to it as soon as the fatigue segment passed.

Day 1 (W)- Bike
To Forestville and back then to Occ road and back with GG
Freakin’ potholes everywhere. Ow, my crotch.
8.25 miles, 41 minutes
Avg speed – 11.8 mph
Max HR was 230 bpm so I’m going to say the data is questionable.

Day 2 (Th)- Bike
To Forestville and back – all on the bike path
First time on the newly unflooded path. Lots of puddles and slippery!
5.4 miles, 30 min.
Avg speed – 10.7 mph (slip, slip)
Avg HR – 149
Max HR – 204??? That can’t be right.

Day 3 (F)- Bike
The standard Forestville Loop with GG.
Some rain. The world is still slippery and I was skittish.
6.2 miles, 34 min
Avg speed – 10.9 mph (huge gnat in my eye. Had to stop and spend good time getting it out.)
Avg HR – 133
Max HR – 158 (that I believe)

Week 3 (Sat- Fri)

Day 1 – Run
Blueberry loop. 39:48. Walks at 1 and 2 miles and as needed after that. A bit better.
Avg pace – 11:50 min/ mile
Avg HR – 164
Max HR – 178

Day 2 – Run
Blueberry loop. 39:15. A bit less walking, but that didn’t really make me faster!
Avg pace – 11:43 min/ mile
Avg HR – 150!!
Max HR – 167!!!

Day 3 – Run
Occidental Road Loop. 3.1 miles. 33:31.
Much flatter path. But less fun. Walked at 15 minutes and once later.
Avg pace – 10:48 min/ mile (!)
Avg HR – 167
Max HR – 178

Day 4 – Run
Around the block and then back again since the road was flooded and I couldn’t get through. Lots of hills. Quite grim really. Quite exhausted the rest of the day. 3.75 miles. 44:37.

Data includes period of standing in consternation, considering depth of water, and watching trucks almost get stuck.
Avg pace – 11:43 min/ mile
Avg HR – 166
Max HR – 179

Day 5 – Run
Occidental Road loop. 33:04. Only one walk break, at the 2 mile mark. My legs hurt.
Avg pace – 10:39 min/ mile
Avg HR – 165
Max HR – 178

Week 2 - 2010

Day 1 – Run
Blueberry Loop (3.3 miles) in 41 minutes. 1 min. walks every 10 minutes to start and more frequently near the end.
Avg pace – 12:15 min/ mile
Avg HR – 163
Max HR – 181 (Felt it, too.)

Day 2 – BB42
To Gavin’s house, play date, then home. Hard there – really felt the hills!
Distance – 4.8 miles each way
Time – approx. 30 minutes each way

Day 3 – BB42
Just to school and back which is just under a mile each way. Oh, that hill! And maybe 15 minutes of biking all together.

Day 4 – Bike
With GG and Lance to Forestville and back. On Mistral! Bliss! After dragging that damn BB42 all around, Mistral was a dream. Could have gone much further.
5.3 miles, 32 minutes.


Not really well, by any criteria (really must consult doctor about this sort of thing – also sinus pressure making me want to pull my eye out – nice), but well enough, I suppose. Not feeling any ill effects.

Day 1
2 miles in a blistering 24 minutes
1 mile/ 1 min walk/ 1 mile.

Day 2
To Forestville and back on the BB42. Unpleasant in the extreme.

November - data may or may not be accurate

Week 1 – 4 Days
Sick for the first part of the week
Day 1 – 2 mile run
Day 2 – Blueberry Loop run
Day 3 – BB42 to Sebastopol and back with the chum – 9+ miles
Day 4 – 5K Race Against Hunger

Week 2 – 3 days
Day 1 – 20 minute kickboxing tape with the chum
Day 2 – Forestville Loop on the BB42
Then fighting off cold
Day 3 – 2.5 mile run

Week 3 – 2 days
Day 1 – Blueberry Loop run
Day 2 – BB42 to and from fruit stand

Week 4 – 4 days
Day 1 – Blueberry Loop run
Day 2 – 1 mile run with the chum on bike
Day 3 – 5K Save a Turkey Trot
Day 4 – 2 mile run

Week 19 - 2 days so far

Day 1 (Su)
Default 3+ mile run. Felt great doing it but pushed too hard too
early, I guess. Felt horrible the rest of the day and the following day. Ugh.

Day 2 (W)
5 mile bike with GG. I must ride more often. The terror was back full force. So not fun.

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