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Have 2 dates a month with my husband.

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Waterfall Nymph has written 8 entries about this goal

April - one, I guess?

Anniversary dinner in SF at Fleur de Lys. Oh, the things that man does with vegetables.

We spent a lot of time together alone in April but I don’t really think that when one party has an IV it can be called a REAL date.

March - nothing.


February - Just 1

My birthday dinner at Zazu which was delicious indeed.

January - two? three?

1. Surprise, the refrigerator is broken, lunch date at Peter Lowell’s.

2. Moma for Cartier-Bresson exhibit and The Thirsty Bear for lunch afterward.

Possible 3. Impressionist show at the DeYoung. Only maybe a date since we were both so sick and we had to eat fast food in the car on the way home. But I did look nice and it was out. So, kind of.

This has been a tragedy recently

I will pursue this with renewed vigor in 2011.

March - scooter dates

2 lunch dates into Santa Rosa on GG’s scooter. Both rides were to the cool lunch truck that stops Thursdays at the scooter shop.

The first day was cold and I was crabby but it was nice to be out.
The second day was warm and springy and much nicer – thus more snuggling.

Not the best dates, but out with no particular aim together, so good enough.

February - 3 dates!

1. A Friday city trip! Lunch at The Thirsty Bear (paella and sangria – slurp), the 75th anniversary show at the MOMA and then the Cartier exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Dinner at the Presidio Social Club (fancy mac and cheese) and home in time for mom to not even fall asleep on the couch. A super fun day.

2. Faux Valentine’s Day – Kid’s Night out. Dinner at Pamposh, but even thoughwe ate slowly we still had a ton of time to kill. Went to the comic store and looked at all the black-garbed fanboys and then to an empty bar for an overpriced cocktail. Silly.

3. My birthday – Dinner at Madrona Manor. It doesn’t get much better than that. Romantic, celebratory, and delicious. I can still taste the risotto in my mind.

January - One date

Mom watched the chum and we went out for dinner and a snark-fest.

Dinner at Bistro 29 and yet another delicious crepe. I love the dessert option there of 3 tiny dessert “tastes” rather than one regular sized desert. Such a great ideas.

Then we say Anthony Bourdain speak and pace at the LBC. I missed some of the bile he was spewing at TV cooks since I don’t really watch them, but the points he had to make about the responsibility of a traveller and about the problems in the “local, back to the land” movement were worth pondering later.

A good night out.

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