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Put together my office. At least another chair would be a good start.

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I thought I had posted on this a while ago but apparently I only took the supporting pictures and then didn’t post them. Sounds about right.

There are still many tweaks I can make but I’m going to let them come more organically.

Here’s the completed and styled shelving unit.

Shelving unit

I was trying to figure out what should go in this alcove. I had thought maybe a couch but that’s really impractical – who’s going to sit on it? No one ever comes to visit me except when my family is here and then that would just be my father sighing at me. He can do that in the couches just outside the door in the atrium.

So I liked this unit and I think it fits great. It’s supposed to have doors in the bottom but the Ikea I got it at was out of stock. I’ll pick them up eventually.

I’m also going with this color pallette of office organizers. I think it’s pretty without being ultra-girly. I’m having a hard time curbing my craze-balls aesthetics sometimes but I have to remember, I’m an executive, and if I’m not always sure what that means, I can at least do the drag of it.

Desk flair

Anyone recognize this cup?

Visitor chairs

Pat was moving her office and said they were up for grabs. Will replace at some time but – chairs!

New desk

As discussed, the QC manager found it but on craigslist. I realized that one can not find executive type desks with any character or style – that must come in other places.
Anyway, good condition, pretty color and $220. Works for me.
Next is a guest chair and some sort of shelving.

Sooooooo I've done nothing about this.

I have acquired a bike, which is helpful, but doesn’t make me seem very executive.

The first thing I need to do is figure out what I want, desk-wise. Our QC manager lives near a used furniture clearing house and said if I give him a general idea he’ll keep an eye open for me.

The main problem is I can’t figure out quite how I want to be oriented in the room. I need to be toward the window since m back is to it now and I hate that.

I have an office

I have a hand-me-down desk. I have a chair and a garbage can and a printer.

It’s a pretty nice office. It’s big and it’s got a huge window that looks out at the bike path and the sometimes pond that the LA water district floods to add to the ground table.

What it doesn’t have is any sense that anyone uses it. And definitely not that someone who cares about appearances and style and all the things I’, trying to put together about this company works there. I mean, not that I actually do any work there but still, I might at some point. So I’m in limbo until I articulate what my role is a little more. I’d get a real desk but I can’t find anything I like and am reluctant to start craigslist-ing it. Ugh.

All I’ve done to it is get two prints for the walls. They’re very nice and are a good jumping off point. Here’s one from my desk looking out the door.

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