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Same old story

I think I’m done with this – no great revalation, just reaafirmation that I’m overstressed, have no time for myself, and that affects my relationship on many levels i can’t begin to understand at a conscious level.

Plus the hormonal imbalance from nursing. I guess I do need to start the weaning process and find help with getting time for myself. Not sure how to do that….. but need to make an effort.

Phone appointment

Doctor ran me through a lot of questions.

A few pieces of good advice including the one which seems to be one everyone’s lips, and which I dread – wean the baby.

Also going to talk to a counselor next week to discuss possible mental aspects. Heavy discussions: always so successful when a 16-month old is in the room.

next step

Have a phone appointment scheduled next Monday at 1:30.

Baby step

Sent an email to my doctor asking if I should see her or a specialist….
Out of office until June. But at least I made initial contact.

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