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I'm calling this done.

I’m no master, by any means, but I have completed the test run of my wedding dress, and… well… I think I learned a lot, and I think I am ready to tackle just about anything now.


I decided over the weekend that I’d like to try my hand at sewing something to wear to Ryan’s cousin’s wedding.

I figure it’s worth a shot, right? Maybe knit a cardigan to wear with it?

Now, to figure out how fancy the wedding will be, what kind of pattern to look for, to purchase the pattern and fabric, and then MAKE it, already :)


Pants are done (this is the pair I did at home). I now have these pants, and another pair just like them that are green with strawberries instead of black. Please try to ignore the fact that the picture makes me look fatter than I actually am.

I don’t think I will consider this goal “done” until after my next two classes, though.

Two pairs of pants nearly done!

All I need to do at this point is to:

1) attend class next week
2) hem pants while at class
3) do buttonholes and sew top hem
4) thread ribbon or drawstring through

And then I’m done. I’ll then have two pairs of pajama pants in strawberry print.

So far, I really like sewing. Maybe too much.

Stitches in Seattle

I started my first sewing class yesterday. First project: a pair of pajama bottoms from Simplicity New Look pattern #6160.

I have two pairs started and in progress; they’ll be finished by this time next week (once I learn the rest of what I need to do).

I’m excited… one step closer to sewing curtains for our apartment, and one step closer to being able to make my own clothes.

Sewing classes?

I’m trying to find a good sewing class in the Seattle metro area. If anyone knows of one that I could get into relatively quickly that’s on a weeknight after, say, 6pm, or on a weekend… and is relatively cheap, I would be your best friend forever.

My first project...

...is going to be some curtains for the bedroom window of the new place. The window overlooks a brand new parking garage for the City of Redmond (City Hall, Police, Fire). The garage is well lit… to the point where you can’t tell the difference between 7pm, 3:40am or 6am. So it’s time for a curtain.

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