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complete the tkga master knitter hand knitting program, level 1

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New instructions

If you’re doing this, make sure to keep in contact with TKGA regarding the instructions. It turns out mine, which I got last year, were WAY out of date. I called (740) 452-4541 (their management office) on Monday and immediately got new instructions emailed to me.

I’m a few swatches in, but those are still in the new instructions. I should be done with this in a few weeks or less.

Dear self:

Stop procrastinating and do this already. You have the yarn. You have everything you need to go ahead and do this – why not just go ahead and, you know, do it?

P.S. Start doing this this weekend, after you finish the Silk Garden socks.


I went ahead and ordered the yarn I’ll need to do this. I can knock this out in two weekends’ time – why not just do it and move on to level 2 (which I know will take more time)?

It’s not like I don’t already have too many projects in the trap, but this would give me a different sense of accomplishment, I think. Once I pass level 3, I mean.

I'd like to actually start this.

I need to tell myself to stop buying yarn for projects – I have enough projects in the trap to get me through next year, I think – and purchase the yarn for this one. I think I could knock out Level 1 quickly enough – it’s just the actual purchasing of the yarn that is holding me back.

Next paycheck, I think.

Received the basic materials

Received yesterday in the mail: 1 folder, complete with necessary documents to begin the program.

Things I need:
  • appropriately light-colored yarn (enough for my swatches)
  • binder (2” or less)
  • clear page protectors to put the swatches/papers in
  • tie-on tags (I think I may jazz this one up a bit and get something nice from paper zone)

I know I don’t need any additional knitting goals right now; I have too many projects on the needles in various stages of completion, but I need something to work toward, and if I finish this then I can challenge myself with levels 2 and 3.

You can learn more about the process here or by googling for it.

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