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List my 43 favourite words

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9. Enthralled

Capture the emotion of a mouse party quite well

# 8 Baby-back-bitch

Try to use this insult with out cheering up in the process.

# 7 Splendor


# 6 Lethargic

I just use it alot to easily describe my mood.

# 5 Bombastic

This one is just fun to say, I love it.

# 4 Serendipity

Such a splendid word. Saying it actually makes me feel charmed.

# 3 Vindictive

Very dark yet profound word. It gives me chills to think of the word, it’s rather erie.

# 2 Revel

This word just shouts with great intensity. I feel intoxicated each time i am able to utter this word.

#1 Pungent

The word itself practically tells a tale when it roles off your lips. It’s perfect for telling a vivid story.

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