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Sunday we went to the grocery store

and there was a older lady who was nosing her cart in front of ours, at the check out line. I found that I had rage starting to build up inside of me,my first thought was “Just who does she think she is, I was here first?!” However what I said was, “Would you like to go ahead of me? Her answer was, “Oh yes, please. My husband is sick and I had to rush to the store to get some things for dinner, and I need to get back as soon as I can.” I felt a fool for my first reaction, but felt blessed that I did not act upon it.

I was missing my son yesterday,

sometimes when I feel that way I wear some of his clothing. Last night I went to our Wednesday night dinner at church, where I meet some new people. As we talked they asked me about the shirt I was wearing, I told them that my son had got it when he helped at a concert, “Oh, what does your son do?” “Well, he died three years ago.” That made them very uncomfortable and dredged up old memories in me. My wife and I set next to them during dinner, but they were uneasy and the conversation was very guarded. I need to (hell I don’t know what I need to do, I just wanted to post this).

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