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Have been pondering this quite a bit lately.

Yunnow how you have a happy place (“Happy! Go to your happy place!”) where life if just a million times better than whatever’s going on in your crappy life right now? My place is real! It’s Italy and I’ve been doing everything in my power to figure out how to live there.
Turns out the Italians aren’t making it easy on me. Getting a Visa looks to me a nightmare, apparently you must have your job secured ahead of time to get a work visa and there’s a lot of red tape. Some websites are advocating dual citizenship, which frankly sounds like overkill to me. There seems to be a major loophole, a fast track to become a permanent resident, and that is to marry an Italian citizen. I had mixed feelings about the men there (romantic, impulsive, passionate? Not stereotypes) but neither is the shameless womanizer stereotype too far off either.
Perhaps I will study up and make a 10 year plan. Make it 8 year plan, I’d like to be there by the time I’m 30. It can be done, right?

I think about this every single day.

I’m lovesick over it :) I wish I could move there right now.

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