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write more letters by hand

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To Write A Letter

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Lou is clearing out the nooks & crannies has written 13 entries about this goal

Cool saved letters contest!!

Crane & Co, the stationary company, has launched its second annual “The Letters You Keep” contest. You can read more about that here: http://crane.com/CraneContent/CSTM_LettersYouKeep.aspx. The contest prize is $500 in Crane stationery!

A cool new thing this year is a “Letters You Keep” Flickr page, where you can upload an image of a letter you’ve kept over the years. I’m planning to sort through my tins and boxes and stashes of packratted letters this weekend!
Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/groups/lettersyoukeep/

a rallying cry

Girltastic, so far away in TX, has officially requested mail. So in addition to the weekly postcard to Nana, I’ll do a weekly letter/card to Dana-tastic.

Under the worst circumstances...

I’ve been sending postcards and letters to my Nana every day this week. She was all of a sudden hospitalized last week with all kinds of health problems and once she finally gets out will still be in rehab for at least a month. She had to have the cake for her 86th birthday in a hospital room!! I love writing to her, and I know she loves to get the letters, I just wish it were under better circumstances.

one this week

Sent a big ol’ letter to Shari, written on the potato stamp cards I made last winter!

Need to write to my campers, and a thank-you to my grandparents still!

over the weekend i sent:

a letter to my aunt, an overdue birthday card to Amanda in Ithaca, and a handmade postcard to Girltastic in Austin.

dropped a note

in the mail this morning to my grandma, and a card to my sister yesterday. I have a couple other friends who are probably due for some mail soon…

yes, okay

I bought a bunch of original print cards from a local artist to send as my holiday cards this year! woot!

there's always something!

There are several local businesses that donate materials to me for camp every year. I’m trying to send thank-yous and include pictures of the kids using their donations, but of course my printer is printing things verrry GREEN tonight!! It’s worth the effort to get real prints made though – when I was at one of the offices, they still had my thank-you picture up from several years ago!
I’ll write the letters tonight, go to the square tomorrow and get prints somewhere, and mail them then.

a good day's work

As far as last night’s list goes, I got the 2 shower thank-yous in the mail, as well as 2 to my parents – totally couldn’t have pulled off the day without them.
Camp thank-yous will hopefully be started tonight? And Rosie’s needs to be in the mail by tomorrow.
THEN I can finally write to friends!!

Lots and lots

of THANK YOU NOTES to write in the next couple days!! Businesses who doated to camp, people who helped with the shower, etc!
Need to write to Ray, and Amanda (x2)
I sent a handmade birthday card today, too.

Lou is clearing out the nooks & crannies has gotten 35 cheers on this goal.


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