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keep a cleaner house

4 cheers


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Mamby Pamby has written 8 entries about this goal's definitely cleaner.

I told my mom that it was because I don’t have a TV in the living or dining room and it keeps the living/dining room from becoming a hang-out for old glasses, books, crafts, etc.
Mom said that that’s why italians lived in their basements – to keep the upstairs clean. Smoooth idea!!! I’m taking this one off of my list. I still want a cleaner house, but it IS cleaner and I can handle how it is now.

almost done

I think I’m ABOUT done with this goal. House is cleaner and easier to keep. I’m aiming for cleaning out the guest room and then maybe I’ll settle for “cleaner”.


Ok, it’s gotten dirty. BUT, it’s not REAL dirty, and I think I’ll fix it tomorrow. Since both of the dogs have died, it’s amazingly clean, comparatively speaking. I still dread having any blanket or piece of clothing touch the floor because I fear it’ll become covered in dog hair. Alas, those were the old days. Now we just have one cat who sheds a little and we really don’t notice it. Tomorrow, I pick up the bills and papers that are strewn around, take the camping box out to the garage, sweep a little, organize the pole room again. Easy. sooooo easy.

and NOW....

so, this newer house is MUCH cleaner. of course, we’ve just started living here. STill, there’s no dirty dishes, no scummy sinks…it just keeps getting cleaner and cleaner!

not here!

So, this house is a mess, but it’s not my FOREVER house.
I DO want to keep my next house MUCH cleaner than this house.
I want several mops and brooms. I want fewer dogs. I want MUCH LESS JUNK laying around to collect dust. A-fucking-MEN!

I'm FAILing!

yet tonight I will clean for an hour. Take THAT boyfriend!

tonight? the carpet

that is all. the carpet. better than nuthin!

New job, new schedule

Well, the house ain’t spotless, but I’ve been waking up two hours early in order to work out, practice bass guitar, make dog food, and CLEAN.
So, almost every morning, I do dishes and then I do something else like vaccuum and sweep
clean a refrigerator section
clean the bathroom, or microwave, or living room, etc.
It’s working out great.

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