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I was home today and it rained again. Fucking YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cooked all kinds of food for lunch this week, and I cleaned a little, and I put in a job application, and I STILL have 4 hours to do something constructive. Problem is, I just want to lay around. Oh well, I’m grateful that I have options, no?


1. E!
2. Rannveig and ossen
3. Valdemar
4. Steve Pecaro Band
5. Cleet TAURUS
6. a warm day
7. overtime
8. Don’t have next weekend off(hence, no TWO thanksgivings)


1. The puppy next door finally stopped screaming…maybe he’s sleeping?
2. I love my job
3. I have cool boots
4. perfect weather
5. comfortable contact lenses
6. free time
7. my car is currently running
8. options for what to do after work
9. sticking within a budget


1. grateful my boyfriend left the house today before I could jump out of bed and strangle him with my “grouchy” self.
2. extra hours at the art museum
3. worked out yesterday


I think the dog is at the shelter
The owners don’t appear to be mad at me
The weather is awesome
My boyfriend is happy and sweet
My dogs are safe
I have the day off
I love my job so much that I want to hang out there on my day off with my awesome boyfriend!


an old 1953 cuckoo clock from germany!!!
fitted sheets
cleaning supplies
dvd player

All from my friend’s parent’s house, for free!


a loving, loyal, forgiving and fun boyfriend
a FUNNNNN weekend
FUN friends
a garden that gives me food
a crazy, mangey, hysterical cat
decent health


Confirmation of gallery job
Great new harley boots for cheap
great new brown shoes for cheap
White blouses for cheap
(in other words, I’m grateful for Ebay and Salvation Army!!!)

Happy birds in my back yard
happy cat with a belled collar
the dead bird is gone from my basement
A fridge FULL of basil
home grown tomatoes!


a funny boyfriend
a relatively calm life
food from the back yard


I got called in for a peeeee test!
I got toooo drunk this weekend but I think it woke me up a little.
I am motivated to stay steady.
my neighborhood kids didn’t rip off ALL of my tomatoes.

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