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What's your reading speed?

I like this timed test – even more when I got my result! :)

Feeling like a princess

Oh, yeah :)

More Lush!

To celebrate handing in the penultimate assignment, I took up the offer of the Lush new product demo last night – okay, hardly mega-celebratory, but I do have to get cracking with more work today so couldn’t go too overboard!

And… I’m utterly in love with the new products already! I know, I’m a Lush junkie anyway, but I am soooooo looking forward to trying the new stuff, with varying scents of cinnamon, rose, tropical coconut and more!

Was very restrained after the demo: got a new steamer tab (extortionately expensive for what it is, but ‘treat’!) with soothing lavender – will help both my skin and stress levels over the final assignment push. Still working my way through the xmas stuff, too, so today the livingroom has a very intriguing scent from the peppermint/vanilla/orange combo that’ll hit my bath in the next few days.

Gotta love that fun can be so ‘harmless’ ;)

I <3 libraries!

Oh, glorious depot of wondrous books how I adore thee!

The choices – so random, so anything.

Not needing to find shelf space to store more books!

And best of all – it’s free! :):)

support your local library today!

Hobbycraft drooling!

Oooh, but that was fun! Shared obsessions hobbies and a trip ‘round hobbycraft drooling over bits and pieces and feeling all fired up to get back in touch with my creative side!
(hence the reopening of this goal – I want to!)

I was very good and didn’t spend too much, honest! ;) (okay, mostly ‘cos I had to carry it all back on the train!)

Best fun ever!

A weekend with my best mates. See you Monday! :)

Watching cute videos!

Most adorabiggle thing ever: pet pygmy hedgehogs! :)

Lush newbies! :)

Following a bit of a mail-order binge last week, the last thing I needed was to buy new Lush stuff. However, (a) it’s three weeks til the forum party specials will be sent out, and (b) there was a student party night! Couldn’t resist the idea of a few freebies ;)

And I’m well chuffed! Out of the goodie bag, I’d only tried the soaps before, and they’re just samples anyway. I got a full tub of dark angels face scrub that I definitely fancied trying, plus ultrabland sample, flying fox shower gel, an emotibomb, and 10% off the stuff I actually bought.

Sometimes I’m very easy (if not very cheaply!) pleased :)

PS mustn’t forget – also got a free choc chip cookie to eat on the walk back to the bus :)

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