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A few things...

So last week I was in Spain – gorgeous Barcelona, to be precise – for the first time. Tried a few semi-adventurous foods, went to some new (well, obviously!) different places, fell in love with the metro system (oh, Edinburgh trams…!).

now with added ouch!!

Time for some head-out-of-books adventures, methinks! :)

Which doesn’t quite describe yesterday lunchtime: popped out for a sandwich and ended up getting my legs waxed o_O

Still, it was a new experience, and I’m in the mood for a few of those. Less painful ones next, please! ;)

Bad habits

(more an observation, but this is the closest of my goal-fits)

The last two evenings have been ‘pooter free for me, by choice, and it’s been rather lovely. Tuesday I got through my vague ‘to do’ list for the evening utterly unstressed, including an early night. Yesterday I went to my first tai chi class and then had a bath. I didn’t miss the infernal internet one little bit (although I admit I do have email access at work, so wasn’t totally cut off).

Today was planned online time, and sure enough: the past (waaaaay too many!) hours have gone in a blur of absolutely inanity. Hmm.

So yeah: plenty of obviousness that not turning the bloomin’ machine on is a Good Thing. I foresee lower stress levels, less feelings of harassment and increased getting ‘stuff’ of a more real fun done. We’ll see!!

Of course, I do have a ton of online and just on-computer stuff I want/need to do, so it won’t be every night. The trick, I think, is to either limit myself (without feeling like it’s a big ‘No!’ thing to rebel against), and also not to feel obliged to catch up with anything/everything just cos I wasn’t online the day before.

So if I go (even more) quiet, you know why!

Genuine excitement!

So yesterday I realised I was 99% through the ‘official’ prep for my Canada trip (y’know: paying for stuff, filling in forms – packing still to do!) and I was hit by SUCH a powerful moment of excitement about it all… and wow, but I am not used to that kind of feeling: the momentarily almost-paralysing grip of utter wow and enthusiasm and sheer joy of the amazement of it all.

Wow. This, THIS, is why this goal is important. Life doesn’t routinely hand me that kind of emotion, and I think it’d do me good to have a bit more of that kind of thing!!

With seven-league boots!

Apparently my idea of pursuing this goal is to push myself out of my comfort zone and halfway across the globe – all the way to Canada – squeeeeeee and eeeeek both! o_O

I’ve already had one major wibble over the sheer terror of it all – I’m not a seasoned traveller at all – but am trying to psych myself up with the excitement rather than the worry of anything that could go wrong.

All tips – the kind that won’t panic me, please! – gratefully received :)


Giving up on this for just now as I don’t need… well, what I do need is to feel happier, calmer and less stressed and overwhelmed. Constantly.

So yeah, comfort zone sounds a lot like sanity for just now!

Marketing assignment

So I’m hitting my head off this awful assignment on marketing, and it occurs to me: this is well out of my comfort zone! It’s a small salve to my bruised, analytical brain, but anything that might help get through it…! o_O

Be brave

There are things I want to do, things I may even have to do, that scare the bejezus out of me. One way to cope with this, I think, is to push myself out of my comfort zone a little and often, and find out that it’s not so bad!

Yesterday, then, I did two new, slightly scary things:

  • Went on a ghost tour
    The scariest bit for me was being in a dark, dank, underground, enclosed space. Oddly, though, having someone try to scare me (and yes, I squealed like a little girlie when the guide blew out the candle at the end of a ghost story!) made it all less frightening than, say, when I went into the catacombs in Rome.
  • Karaoke!
    Urm. I last sang in public with the primary school choir. I think I can sing, a bit, but generally on my own when even I can’t hear myself! As it happened it was fairly un-public and not too bad, and I managed a few wee bits okay – most of all, though, it was fun!

Now, both of these things I was half-dreading before getting there, but both were fun in the end. So perhaps I can focus on the reasons why I want to go somewhere later this year, rather than being terrified of all the lone-travelling bit!

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