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rebuild my abandoned social life.

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Hard work = more fun!

Sometimes you just hit a topic that resonates with a couple of areas…!

So, it can take hard work to be happy. And it takes effort to have a social life.

Added bonus of NaNoWriMo (and there are many!) is the perfect excuse to get out of the house and be with a like-minded group. In this month where I’ve been more insanely busy than any (since I stopped studying!) I’ve ironically also been way more socially active.

When I don’t have the excuse – like NaNo – I can retreat into my shell. I think, “Oh, sofa is so much more appealing!” or “Why should I pay for overpriced coffee when I can have a nice cuppa at home?” or even “But it’s dark out!” (added winter bonus: it’s dark out when I leave work anyway, so walking home in the dark at 8pm isn’t all that different!).

Writing groups continue after November. This is me stopping making excuses, and instead looking for excuses to get out and about and be with actual people!

To whom it may concern...

Dear friends,

I am sorry I’ve been such a shit friend over the past year or two (or three, or…?) but FINALLY I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel I have to prioritise studying to the point that you all think I’m ignoring you. I’m not, and I hope going forwards we can not ignore each other a little more up close and frequently!

Thank you :)

As a ps, I saw a bloke in Starbucks this afternoon who looked like a younger, less intimidatingly-super-hot-but-still-very-cute version of Ben Browder. In real life. Wowzah. Alas, I’m not that brave (and I was also with my dad – sure as I am that he’d like to see me happy, over-awkward doesn’t quite cover that!) but… well, there are attractive guys out there who maybe aren’t utterly out of my league, and it’s really getting time to stop ignoring that social life…! o_O

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