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calypte in Edinburgh is doing 7 things including…

Do something productive every day

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calypte has written 12 entries about this goal

Monday 22nd May
  • Survived my first day at new work! :) :) :)
  • Cooked black bean stirfry
  • Checked bus timetables for tomorrow
  • Sent moany email to Amazon about double postage charges on returns (books were US versions of UK titles – both versions sold on, no notice that they were the same books, annoyed that the return is then classed as ‘my fault’!)
  • collapsed in a tired but not unhappy little heap :)

Sunday 21st May
  • re-read all the welcome pack stuff; hunted out necessary evidence; gathered everything together to take with me tomorrow
  • filed the pile of paperwork into relevant folders
  • checked lock-in period on mortgage
  • filled in all forms as much as possible
  • replied to a certain email
  • took some dull photos for my ‘consumption’ items on All Consuming (saaaad!)
  • cleaned out handbag
  • prepared stirfry for tomorrow night
  • made honey mustard chicken, potatoes, carrots and corn on the cob. Yum!
  • did the dishes
  • finished watching videoed tv progs from last week
  • put away laundry
  • sent a birthday e-card

Tuesday 16th May
  • reorganised one book case to fit extra books in
  • sorted the piles of paper / cleared a surface / found all the bits that need attention
  • wrote birthday cards
  • made spicy tomato chicken
  • took bin out
  • dishes

Actually hasn’t been a very productive day – been feeling very lazy! And very tired, actually – so bath and bed rather than anything else productive.

Holiday round up 1
Saturday 13th May
  • Vacuumed the crips crumbs off my couch. I’m too anal to have guests!
  • Vacuumed the dust out of the little folds in the couch. I’m too lazy to be houseproud!!
  • Laundry, and hung it outside in the sun.
  • Deadheaded all my daffodils. Better late than never!
Sunday 14th May
  • More laundry
  • Took part in a 5K trail race. Slowly, but did it!
  • Made stirfry
  • Changed bed
  • Dishes
Monday 15th May
  • Got brakes cleaned
  • Picked up some groceries
    - That was pretty much it, since I’d gone to my dad’s for the day!! But spending the day with my dad was plenty productively lovely :)

Sunday 7th May
  • read bank account info and pick one
  • make stirfryx2
  • pack jogging kitbut of course, I then forgot to pick it up!
  • finish guiding
  • charge phone
  • take book in for B
  • new contact lenses

Monday 1st May

Need to get a LOT more things done! Too much sitting about of late.

Today’s need-to-dos:
  • take chicken out of freezer
  • bag and put sausages in freezer
  • clean the cooker
  • chop the veg for stirfry
  • go to JogScotland!
  • laundry
  • pack handbag for tomorrow
  • make c+t pitta for tomorrow’s lunch
  • prepare spicy chicken sauce for tomorrow’s dinner
  • take chicken out of freezer

Tuesday 21st March

I slept very poorly last night, and woke this morning very tired, trying to hack my lungs up, and possibly more deaf than yesterday (one ear is totally blocked, t’other feels as if it’s going the same way). So, I figured today was not going to be a day of great productivity – and aside from nailing two more areas for my competency interview, I was prepared to be fine with that.

But the great thing about this goal is that for me it’s a cross between “List x positive things that happened today” and a retrospective to-do list (which, unlike a regular to-do list, doesn’t depress me with how much I have to do or subsequently didn’t get done!). And just thinking about what to put here, I realise that I did do some productive stuff.

  • I survived work, including the nasty auditor meeting that turned out to be not-so-nasty after all.
  • I had a meeting with the IT consultant (who I know anyway), who kept asking for my opinion and – wait for it! – valued it! OMG, but I don’t get that very often – definite sign that sticking with the job hunting is very very worth it!
  • Taught said IT consultant how to do something useful in Word :)
  • Was able to help a colleague with the problems she was having with the website, and another later on with a data stick issue.
  • From the above: learned/remembered that I do have a knack for IT, and that I quite like helping and teaching people!
  • I phoned the hospital to check something; FAR better than sitting wondering.
  • Made tomorrow’s lunch, and tonight’s dinner.

Which still leaves the interview prep, annoyingly close to the actual interview. Ack. Oh well – am actually quite calm about the idea of not getting this one (after all, I didn’t technically apply for it!) but that I will have to try a bit longer. Which is also a hugely productive state of mind!

PS Final productive thing of today will be to have a relaxing evening, an early night and a great sleep – so that I can tackle the world tomorrow!

Monday 20th March
  • I survived the first day back at work. HUGE achievement! :)
  • I did actually do some pretty productive tasks at work; not hugely high on my personal ‘things to achieve’ list, but just ‘cos I don’t care to be there any more doesn’t mean I don’t still have responsibilities to that paycheque.
  • Washed the cutlery. Yeah, just the cutlery ;)
  • I relaxed. Today that was very productive!
  • I stopped focusing on feeling ‘bleh’ long enough to remind myself that the future is there for the taking!

Sunday 19th March
  • Laundry
  • Looked up BST – clocks go forward next Sunday! Had to check!
  • Fiddled around a bit with matching pieces of work with the competencies. Still two short – one I don’t understand, and one I just don’t think I do :(
  • Typed out a document bringing together the competency, description, my suggestion for area and key points in one place
  • Did the next two chapters (create and insert) from the basic SQL theory
  • Made stirfry
  • Arm exercises
  • Got my handbag sorted for going back to work tomorrow; charged my phone

Saturday 18th March

Going easy on myself, since I’m still ill. Bah. The end is in sight, though!

  • Revised the first couple of ‘chapters’ of the SQL theory, so I think I’ve got the selecting data (most important) stuff stuck in my head. Rewrote my notes with coloured pens’n’stuff :)
  • Listed my biggest pieces of work from my current job, with notes about important achievements, types of skill used, etc, to help me match things up better to the compentency areas I have to cover on Thursday. Think I’m only stuck with one, now.
  • Cleaned the bath oil residue out of the bath
  • Made a scrummy roast chicken dinner!
  • Did the mini-routine I want to make a habit, for strengthening my arms: always struggle in yoga class for arm strength stuff, so been meaning to work on it a lot more. Little and often – as with everything else!
  • Arranged with my dad to go look at new TVs, since mine is behaving worryingly. Still, I guess 14 years is a good lifespan already!

Hmm. Not bad. I did rather stop around 4pm yesterday, and gave in to eating, napping and watching movies. But even that was productive in a way – ‘cos I was knackered!

Have also spent a good deal of time in the last two days just remotivating myself, getting my PMA (postive mental attitude) back up and running, and gearing up to not just coping but achieving in the next little while.

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