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Zdravei, Noemvri!


Onlain Bulgarska televisiya. <3


Chestita Nova Godina!


Chestita Koleda!


I cannot believe sometimes how old my desire for this goal has been, and that I’m nowhere in proficient like I want to be! I need to strive harder…


I haven’t been studying the language regularly like I wanted to, I need to do so if I want to accomplish my goal of someday becoming proficient enough in the language so I can travel to Bulgaria. So I’ll try to schedule study time into my life every day from now on.

A good start...

I tried learning the Bulgarian language online but it was hard due to the fact that I get distracted so easily with other things… and that the Internet has a tendency to not want to work when the weather is bad. I finally just bought a language course on Amazon (it arrived last week) and intend to study the language more regularly!

Would love to learn this!

I became interested last night in learning this language after looking up websites on the actor Hristo Shopov in his native language, Bulgarian. I love that actor so would adore being able to watch movies and read articles related to him without them being translated!

I also read some background about Bulgaria and it’s helped me to become interested in the country as a whole.

I’m going to start learning the language next year.

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