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get in shape


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i lift alllllll the time. now i need to get as much running in as i can. running is a lot harder since it’s fricken freezing here, but it’s tiem to man up and just do it.


joining a gym, running four days a week, three practices a week… should work. i CAN’T BE LAZY.


I am in good running shape. now to get in swimming shape…... not so easy. not so easy at all >_<


i’m for real doing this. a little bit late since preseason starts in like two weeks but who freaking cares…. i’m getting it done!


gotttttta do itttttt!


i started doing something every day….
sometimes i just go play hockey, ride my bike, or do an ab work out. but i’m trying to start running regularly and eventually lifting when i get back from 09283409823408 days of vacationing

it's hockey season...

and everybody on my team is doing track. i need to start running…. like often. not once every bagillion weeks. and abs and legs every nightttt!


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