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learn to play tennis

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next step

continue with lessons. and start watching tennis games on TV!


Last Sunday was a fantastic game. My backhand (which was quite bad for some time) hardly missed gave great shots back. My forehand was not to shabby either. No wonder for the game I was tied with my trainer. I can officially say I can now play tennis. But I’m driven to be a better player so the lessons won’t stop soon.


I basically know the basics. Now I just need someone to play with. Everyone is into badminton. Grr!!!

oh and cute outfits!

I should start buying cute tennis outfits =)

sorta played

I’m in my 6th or is it 7th lesson now. I’ve actually played already. My forehand has improved. My form for the groundstrokes not too great yet but my volley is pretty good. My serve is also pretty okay. Two more lessons, well, make it four since i wanna be good, and I can start playing with friends!

one step

just had my first lesson last Saturday. The guy taught me the proper form for the forehand and the backhand. I had a hard time hitting the ball with the backhand! My second lesson is this coming Sat. I hope I will then get to play!


I am gonna try to do this this coming weekend. I’ll bum someone’s racket and head to the club. I’ll only buy my own raket if I like it and if I see it’s something I can do often. I’ll just charm the people to teach me. hehe!

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