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limit my computer time to one hour a day!

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*Still dealing with the connection issue...*

but sticking to the plan regardless. Even though it seems to take me an hour to post my two or three entries…


*I'm living in the past tonight...*


I have a bad internet connection at home tonight and since I’m staying at my Mom and Dad’s house (hubby’s working out of town), I thought I’d hop on their computer and give out some cheers and post some entries. Yeah, right.

I just remembered that this computer hasn’t been updated since who knows when and still has AOL 6.0 on it! Whoa, that’s frustrating. It keeps popping up error boxes and things of that nature, so I’m about to call it a night here on 43things.

I guess I’ll have to post my other entries tomorrow or tough it out again.


*Computer time...*

for last night ~ 45 minutes. Tonight ~ 1 hour. I’ve been using my laptop the last few days, which makes it harder to stick to this goal. This is because my chicken timer is upstairs beside my other computer. However, I really wanted to be with my hubby who is downstairs watching t.v. so I brought the laptop with me down here.


*Four minutes left...*

and this is my final entry for tonight. I have been sticking to my guns with this goal! :-)

And I believe it has already done a lot of good…


*As I near my ten minute mark...*

I think of all that this goal is going to help me accomplish ~ I’m excited!


I’m loving my little hen timer that I brought up from the kitchen, ticking away the minutes to a better me…

*I broke today's hour into two thirty minute segments...*

One to give cheers and one to make entries. Played with my niece for a couple of hours in between, since I may not get another chance to see her this week. I do not want to miss out on life because I’m always on the computer…


*I would much rather...*

spend the rest of my time working on my life goals and dreaming up new things to add to my life list!

How much more I would get done if I really focused on my goals…


I now have a timer on my desk, and it is nearing the fifteen minute mark. This will be hard for me, but it is something that is holding me back from completing more goals.

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