castlelogical in Denver is doing 6 things including…

learn to play the harmonica


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castlelogical has written 2 entries about this goal

This harmonica thing is tricky.

So I bought a new harmonica-something nice enough that I’ll keep better care of it-and I’m working through the book.

Two things I’ve noticed:
1. Breathing is hard. Especially on the high notes, it feels like I’m holding my breath. I need to practice some more to get the whole diaphragm thing down too.

2. Posture really affects your breathing. If I slouch at all, my stomach doesn’t get out of the way for my diaphragm. That, and I tend to drool when my mouth is open and I’m looking down :\
Thankfully, fiancee was once clarinet and oboe in band, and we are going to in-law’s place to steal a music stand. And fix the car, but that’s no matter. But I shall start looking silly practicing harmonica in front of a music stand by next week. Maybe I should find some more harmonica tab music…


I’ve bought a harp online (the book comes later,) I manage to mess around a bit with the thing, looking at little basics online, but I notice the draw on 8 doesn’t sound right. Instead of a note, it comes out very high pitched and quiet, like a dog whistle. I decide to poke around inside the thing and see if it might be fixable. If I break it, no big deal, it was a cheap thing anyways. Just then Fiancee comes over, looks at harmonica innards, and inadvertently bends one of the reeds. Argh. Now two of the notes won’t play. Guess I’ll be going to Guitar Center to pick up another one…


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