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Done, and only two years late!

Well, two years after having purchased my camera, I finally took an introductory course learning the basics of my specific camera (not photography in general).

It was a very short course run by the local camera shop, and cost way too much money imo, but it was a good starter course, and I learned some basic things that I didn’t yet know about my own camera.

I’m considering this done here on 43t, but I hope to take the second part of this course, where I’ll learn how to use the more powerful manual modes on my camera.


I really do want to do this. My photos just suck, and I’m getting tired of it. M moves so much faster now, and is in the mood for not posing for photos, so it’s even more challenging.

First, I need to find my *%^%$ manual – I have the french version, but not the english! Then I’ll call a few places and look into some short courses I could take.

My photos will still suck, but at least I’ll have sucky photos taken on a setting other than “auto.”

no excuses

I got my fancy schmancy digital slr camera over a year ago, and the only setting on it I know how to use is “auto,” as in the same feature that you get on any regular digital camera that costs a 10th of the amount I paid.

My original excuse was that I couldn’t leave my daughter to take the course because I was breastfeeding her so often. Now she’s 15 months, and that’s no longer an excuse.

Now what??

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