catita72 in Mexico City is doing 34 things including…

legalize marijuana

8 cheers


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testifieng in Mex City Congress


Domingo 11 de diciembre
Parque México
caseta informativa todo el día
México DF
Convoca la AMECA
Asociación Mexicana de Estudios del Cannabis
Alto a la masacre!!!Alto al secuestro, la extorsión, y la violencia del tráfico!!!

war on drugs

My country and the whole world is becoming more and more violent each day due to a pointless policy. CHEERS to Argentina and it´s new enlighted law!!!!

May day is coming everyone

The first saturday in may is the International day of marijuana awareness…

Might make it work

That real aim of this change is to totally end the war on drugs thrug education, being more less consumist, do not give power to companies and politicians to tell us how to run our lives. They are scared of things that make people laugh. plant marihuanahave lots of marihuanasmoke the best Marihuana in the worldgrow a marihuana gardengrow a marihuana plantstart growing marihuanasmoke less marihuanaLIBEREN A JUANITA

Legalize globally

Plant locally. We are satisfied consummers who are not allowed to grow our own. And hemp wuold stop the massive attacks from companies that want to empoverish us all. Free juanita

end traffic, be self sustaining

ban sugar added to al foodstuff, that`s a hard drug

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