catita72 in Mexico City is doing 34 things including…

have faith, hope and charity, nurture my spiritual self

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keeper of the inside, of a womanś focused center, has been my friend and companion. I have been happy to keep my house. The fires burning in the kitchen have the best of lights. The food merrily cooking within is the best blessing a home wants.


Lovesick I have been a guet at the dark Lady{s court. I have long pondered in mortality, rejection, hope, and the passing of time. I see that y life is not over, yat I still want him back! what a waste!


The brightness of my purpose in following you has made me a great doctor, a fearless leader and a clear strategist for my clinic. Thank you, thank you!!!

Lovesick Aphridite

Goddess of love, beauty and sacred union: please make my lover come back to me. I I feeling so hot and sincerely enamoured of him, please let him feel the same about me!!


Faceless keeper of the heart, light and warmth for humanity, essence of home, tody I was blessed to be in your presence. I LOVE ME IN MY HOME!!!


I am full of ideals of things that I hope for in the following months before the new year.
I hope we all get along for Christmas this year at my mothers house. I hope I get a job at the hospital that I want. I hope I meet somebody I can fancy.


Can move mountains. I have slowly, peacefully carpeted a whole apartment with the two techs from the shop.
It was HARD, but a well done job is sooo worth it!


I am so in love with myself. I am not infatuated, nor do I compare myself to others. I am just seeing that today I am in a better frame of mind than yestrday. I know tomorrow I will have worked today to become a better person.
“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito.”
- Anita Roddick, Founder, The Body Shop


I saw a friend in another town who has been divorced for 3 thats right three years and still is not able to forgive herself and much less her ex and his new. I told her that forgiveness is a choice and a practice.
Does anyone have good advice on how to do this?
It comes easily to me, but apparently holding grudges is also a lifestyle many pursue.
Forgive me for asking.-)


1.-Thank you Universe for giving me a new friend and adopted daughter!
2.- Thank you for my wonderful, beautiful child!
3.-Thank you for a loving supporting and intelligent partner!
4.-Thank you for a caring, even if overcontrolling mother!
5.-Thank you for my wierd siblings!
6.-Thank you for the first half of my Christmas bonus!

“Before doing, one must BE.”
- Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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