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I did it!

Maybe I am just a little bit more comfortable around horses. I asked to get off and back out, but then my daughter said Number 2 and Number 3 could not ride. So I did it. I asked the guide to tether my horses, but she said she would stay right infront of my, and not to worry. Since I got diagnosed with the cancer when I get really upset, or nervous my head shakes and that happened so much the guide asked if I was okay. At the end she asked if I will do it again, and I told her probably not, this was my one and only.

Only went to the energy healing guy three times. He never mentioned it again.

Going to see if I can do this in Pigeon Forge on our Zorbing trip. Really, if you believe than dreams can come true…really!

maybe a step closer to this goal...

the guy I am having my energy healing work is going to see if his cousin can steer me in the direction of being able to ride on a horse.

Maybe I need to post this on facebook and see if I have any

takers that will get me a ride on a horse. I love horses and find them beautiful, but I am afraid of them. Now I need to ride one!

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