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Finish making the Raggity Ann and Andy that I started when my daughter was four(she is now 29).

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I actually sewed on the new sewing machine that I bought over the summer.

The oldest grandson keeps saying it is his, and his mother keeps saying it is hers. I tell them both they are both wrong. I bought it for all of us. Perhaps next week I can get back into this goal and get it done. I only have the clothes to make.

Well baby is going to be a year old August 1st....

Mom does not really want them in her house. I still want to finish them. I signed my two grandson’s up for sewing camp. It was three hours a day, for five days. The younger said he didn’t really like it, but was glad to be a part of it. The older loved it. They both came home with pillow case they made along with a tote bag and a sewn wallet.
Through this I ended up buying a $500 sewing machine. The oldest sat down with the guy and went through on how to use the machine, what foot to use for what. How to thread the machine and bobbin and other things. He is ten. He asked questions and after more than an hour he told the guy okay I am done and we are ready to take the machine. Since bringing it home he has made another tote bag for his younger brothers birthday gift and has started a second one for his other younger brother. He is going to teach me how to use the machine so I can finish the clothes for Raggity Ann and Andy and the five library bags I started last year.

Baby is here. She came August 1st.

I cut out the clothes. I had to go back and get another yard of material to finish cutting everything out. I started bags for my grandkids and so I need to finish sewing them first.

The baby is coming any day now.

Not going to complete this goal before she comes, but I am going to complete. Found once I took everything out of the comtainer it was in that the clothes were the only thing left to do. Turns out I now longer have the pattern or the clothes I cut out. I was lucky enough to find another pattern today that is going to work, so now I have to cut out the clothes again and sew them up. Pretty excited about this.

Well I dug out the tote these are in...I have to take a closer look, but I think...

all I have to do is make the clothes and these well be done. Now I well need to get the sewing machine back from my daughter and get my tail busy on these. I will do this when I get back from NJ May 10th. Time is just slipping, slipping, slipping into the future~

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