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relearn the guitar

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catspajamas has written 4 entries about this goal

Last night I dreamt about buying a guitar

In my dream I was buying a new guitar from a store. The strange part was that each guitar came with a blouse. The blouses were a hippy-ish layered look, very similiar to a blouse I saw a woman in the store wearing a couple of days ago. I must of liked it because I put it in my dream! The guitar wasn’t a six-string, though. It was an electric bass guitar. Most of the dream I seem to be waiting while they made the guitar. The blouses were already made. It was kind of a strange time warp since it would be quicker to make a blouse than a bass guitar.The people in line behind me had to wait while they made my guitar. I was upset. I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t just take my order for the guitar and call when when it was ready. Instead, everyone was waiting while they made my guitar. Anyone want to attempt a dream analysis?

Need to get a guitar

but it’s not currently in my budget.I will keep this goal, though. I do intend to work on this soon.

I'm not sure which guitar to buy

I have been thinking about this goal. I’ve been looking in some of the local pawn shops to see what I may want to purchase. I’m just not sure what style to buy. I once had a very nice Martin, but didn’t play much at the time, and found the body too large to play comfortably (I have short arms I guess). I’m interested in playing acoustic guitar, but I enjoy several styles of music. I love bluegrass, and jazz guitar. I also listen to folk music (John Prine, Greg Brown).I want to play like Django Reinhardt, but that will take more than just a good guitar!


I once played the guitar. I wasn’t great, but I really enjoyed it. I sold my guitar to help finance a business adventure. I need to find a new guitar,one that’s affordable. I’ll need to take lessons again.

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