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Wish everyone a very merry unbirthday at AbbeyNormal's Week-long "Virtual" Mad Tea Party!

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A Very Merry Unbirthday     A Very Merry Unbirthday. Discover and Explore on!

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Thanks to Abbeynormal

for hosting a wonderful Unbirthday Madhatter Tea Party. It was simply superb. The best virtual tea and crumpets I can remember!

I've brought some more hats

for anyone not properly adorned. Here’s a top hat, and here’s a derby, and here’s a fedora, and here’s a bonnet, and here’s a beret… now does everyone have a hat?

I brought some snickerdoodles

and some more tea. We do need a snack while cleaning, right?

I Love a Tea Party!

Now let me find my favorite hat..and I’ll bring some tea..oh yes, I should get down one of my teapots from my collection..and ..what else should I bring…

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