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go to SXSW Interactive

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Cause I've Got a Golden Ticket...

I wrote my first entry about this goal Jan 2, 2005 (remember 43 Things isn’t much older), and it was one of the first goals I added to my list of 43 Things. Now, thanks to Digital Web Magazine I’m going to realize my goal!

Will this year be the year?

I didn’t make it to SXSW last year because I was in the middle of a heavy time with classes, but I spent the whole week thinking of where I’d rather be. Organization for SXSWi 2006 is well underway and my desire to attend should be evident by my excessive sxswi06speaker 43 People tagging. It’s coming down to money (having a job), getting there (I can drive, that’s just more money really), time to go (getting the right job and/or classwork), and securing a place to stay (I have distant family in the area).


I attend a design college in Texas, earning a degree in Interactive Design and I’m trying to convince a group to go so we can go together.

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