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make 3 male firends

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chaihua1 has written 29 entries about this goal

Will I continue with noir?

Hard to say.

Nick, lai, ding .

Yes, they doing good to me, we rely on each other in some extend.

We can go out for lunch.



Noir is okey, if I have spare time.

围棋Ok, I still not beat back. How?

Truth is he don’t care who he loves more, all he care is how to optimize his benefit. And you know what he need, then things goes easier.

Leave him along, u know how to do that.

Have your own life, one day it’s easy to be shiny, but now u shouldn’t do much things on it. No one know the truth, am I 放下了?

yes, if I live well I don’t care, if I live not well I feel so bad when they happy. It’s not because of the love affair, it’s because I didn’t have that right now.

Friends, always the same, god will tell me the answer, nig thing is put down, small things is not down. How to face it?

I am not the one do guilty things, I show my sadness.

In short, it’s not worthy.
I can do, but not now, and isn’t the revenge stain my heart? Or makes me stronger?

I know the best solution. One day, he isjust a joke for my friend. I live my life well, still purified, still happy, in my own way, and strong. 围棋,the best way is through away the small part

nick is not here

New friend? Let me see…
Father, mother,meimei
Yes!ask dianyuan!

revenge to be an end

lai has gf, he ignore me is reasonable, however, i am not comfortable about that , and sometime thought sth he hurt me and I tolerate him, and now I want to revenge back.

is it reasonable? No!

remember what u want , not whats unfair!
u will always get what u NEED, but give up everything u GREED.

About Ding

Best is they break up, then there will be our 3 again, seems not possible.

Second, I don’t know, maybe I need to talk with somebody.

Find somebody else!

Time to say bye right now to lai

I need new friend!

Haha, be wisdom, everything is possible.


I am sad.
I am ignored by lai, he is my friend!
All he see is his girlfriend now!


Actually, not so bad, I just need a bf, or have happy myself.
What u give will turn sth back to u. Now jing is have no hostility on me. And it’s healthier status.

Yes I want a promise

Whenever I need him, I will come to you once.

And like 武侠, I want a 信物,
I am leaving.
U said when I face big trouble, u will do what u can to help me, right? I believe u will be somebody one day, and I will need ur help. But I don’t know what is it. Maybe me, maybe my children.

I feel safe and warm to remember u, I may not come to you forever, but I don’t want to forget u. I want sth U teach me a lot.

lai respect me

ask for my feeling before jing;

i win the trust, he tell me secret and tell me things about them.

they live a boring afternoon, but i live a life energetic.

she envy me , and i feel revenged. he compare gf with me and I WIN! he didnt buy expensive things for me as his gf, but i dont need it. what i need is my confidence for my integrety. and it made me know men more. i learn to love myself before everything, I learn to be peaceful and made a home for a man. then i have ability to hold other heart.

its all done.

they have their life, i have mine.

what i need with lai is ?

his advise for getting a relationship? He is not willing to help.

a better position than jing? i dont really NEED it.

no, what I need is learn from him, the man’s view on how to make a career. He is just a KID.

so? what I NEED from him? I dont know!
I should have some expectation. En… Yes, I I will try to figure out anything made me feel good.

what if I need comfort? lai is not useful seems.

meimei can. and nick can.



The third one is most difficult one

I needn’t pretend or show anything happy or independence. just be myself and think above ego,then you will know what man’s nature goes like,and know what I want, what I can improve and just do it now.

I am already smartly stop my mind at right time. What I want to do right now in douban is record my growth toward an elegant girl, more and more wise in a spiral-progress way, up and down.

It’s nothing to do with Noir now, he is the igniter, but the fuel is I want a friend like that to make a better completance in life, If I am a right person, I will find the right one.

Loyalty is not about focus on one person, but about make reasonable promise and keep it long.

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