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out of staters

y is it always an outta state man with his promises and things? i think i found a possible candidate. hes outta state tho… but we’ve been taking for a year and now we’re about to meet for the second time except this is for a week… so if its love it will be known if not then… on to the next one i guess…

online chatting and such

is more dificult then i thought. i thought finding someone wierd like me would be easy but it proved not to be. ive only found one wierdo and he is an ass… i kinda dont conect with him but it just takes more searching i guess. i did find someone cute though, he lives in my state at least so theres a plus. i just hope whoever i find (or finds me) will make these days more cheerful. ive found that being single kinda makes you open minded about anyone. its almost been a whole damn year and i look at a nerd or someone heavy set and say “i can see myself with him” lol. but thats not funny cause it makes me more accepting and i think thats good for me. theres someone for everyone. no lets get this thing started


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