checker in Park Slope is doing 12 things including…

Be nice to my Stepdaughter


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checker has written 3 entries about this goal


Our biggest hurdle is she learned to be very independent between the age of 5-10 then I came into her life and suddenly she has rules. Of course the alternative is I ignore her misbehaving and let her walk all over me, Or watch idlely as she flunks out of school. Or let my wife fend for herself as she manipulates her mom.


A friend reminds me that we agree she is not rational but I’m always disappointed or frustrated when I don’t get a rational response.


I met my wife 7 years ago. she had a daughter from a previous marriage The daughter was five when her parents were divorced and I came into her life when she was 10. I can do nothing right by her and after seven clears of trying, I’m beginning to believe it too.


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