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I have not updated this list in 6 months. So the progress on this goal has been very good. I have dear friends old and new and I cherish times spent wtih them in all circumstances. It has been a difficult year for many but sitting and just being with them makes me a richer person.


The party was great. people actually sent ME thank you notes and asked when the next one will be. I would like to have a few cocktail parties and a few dinner parties a year. Next onw will be halloween I hope. I think this party maybe have helped me make a few casual friends into real friends. i will keep trying.

Party coming

The party is getting closer. I have sent out witty invites.

Where to start...

i generally dont like people. I know its not a nice thing to say but they bug me so maybe thats why I have not been social. That and I was married to someone with no social skills who moved me across the country to where I knew no one. My best girlfriends live in other parts of the country so…I need to do somethign now since i am stuck in this state.

1) I am hosting a party in a couple weeks. Its a house warming/divorce shower. ( I know, how cosmopolitan of me)i would like to have gatherings once a quarter in my home. host all kids of partys. hey the party is not coming to me so I am creating the party.

2) I just finished bartending classes and hope to soon make some part time money in a job that forces me to schmooze and socialize.

3) Must take a trip to see my best friend (when we are together we are partners in crime and can socialize with ease because we make eachother strong and safe and brave and anything is possible.)

4) Take some kind of class. ( I always want to keep learning. There are so many things I am intersted in from dancing to art to drama to cooking…ok i hate cooking but the idea of taking a class is intersting. Point is there are people there)

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