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Edit 365 - 2014 underway

I have revived my Edit 365 goal and renamed it Edit 365-2014. I have wanted to revisit this goal during 2013 but various things got in the way. Not to worry, I am in a much better space emotionally and head wise to get this up and running again. It’s also a bit of a necessity because since inheriting a lot of personal possessions from another person in the family I am finding my living space has, in some areas, become cluttered and crowded again. It is more noticeable now though because some of the things are not mine and I definitely need to get rid of them.
I have done well so far having logged 16 entries on my Edit 365 goal.
And so I continue to keep making inroads toward Living Simply.

Tidy microwave alcove

Sometimes just getting to and tidying things up means that you feel more ordered and things look simple.
I got too and cleaned the alcove shelf the microwave sits on in the kitchen. It has been a big improvement visually to the kitchen and it makes me feel good. I also found that 2 rolls of al-foil had fallen down the back of the microwave and so have recovered some resources LOL
A simple thing to do that has had a very nice result in not only making me feel good, but making that area of the kitchen look more organised and functional :-)

Living simply for another year

Living simply is not something that you ‘finish’ doing. I have no doubt that Living Simply is something that requires a fresh start every year and so, with that in mind, I am re-committing to this goal again.
I have managed to simplify a lot of things in my life. A lot of it has had to do with clutter. Some of it has had to do with people. Some of it has had to do with my ‘head space’ – perceptions and thought processes.
This year I am starting a Diploma of Life Coaching. Organisation will be key to success. Discipline will also be another key. Interestingly enough, both these things seem to happen when you start to simplify things in your life.
I have resurrected the Edit 365 goal as “Edit 365 – 2014”. I think editing your life and divesting yourself of ‘stuff’ is also an ongoing process which helps with living simply.
So, 1st Jan 2014 – a New Year dawns and I am once again inspired to continue to live more simply.

And you will be tested....

After the last post, I told my PC friend that I will no longer work on their computer. They are now looking at getting a new computer and have asked me to look at some el cheapo obscure name table thingy on special at an Aldi store.
I told them they already knew my recommendation which was to get an iPad.
They then went on to say they would bring the Aldi brochure into work for me to look at.
My reply was “Sure, bring the brochure in and show it to the other people in the office and get their opinion. I’ve already given you my recommendation… get an iPad.”
Next step is to tell them that I refuse to be involved in helping them make a bad decision.

Don't call me, call a technician.

I have made a decision to no longer help Microsoft Windows users with their computer problems.

I am a Mac user. I have been a Mac user for nearly 30 years and I understand Mac inside out. I have also, by default, had to learn the Windows operating system due to the workplace being Windows driven.

During this break from work a friend has had issues with their internet and computer. I have given up over 12 hours, about 4 hours a day over 3 days dealing with this crappy operating system and have worn myself ragged.

It occurred to me that if you buy a computer you have a responsibility to learn and understand how it works and how to use it. My friend, though I love her dearly, abdicates this responsibility and as soon as there is a problem she hands it off to others to do the trouble shooting.

I am the only one among my circle of friends who has a Mac. Whenever my friends have computer issues they ask me to come around and I end up frustrated and literally leave with a headache from solving their Windows issues.

So, yesterday, after yet another 4 hours of working on Windows I made a decision.

In future, whenever anyone who is a PC user says they are having computer problems and they ask me to help I will say ‘NO’.

I am doing this for two reasons:

1. When buying a new computer they have asked my advice. I have always advised them to get a Mac. They have always ignored this and bought a PC anyway.
2. The aim of simplifying my life is cutting loose from the stuff that is dragging me down. It is time to be free of their computer problems. I have better things to do with my time.

So, I am biting the bullet and telling my friends…”In future, if you have a Windows issue, don’t call me – call a technician.”

Ahhhh…. that feels so much better! :-)

I have a list

We will be on a 2-3 week break from work sometime next week and I have made a list of things to do. Needless to say cleaning up the spare room is one of the items on the list.
I am tired of the clutter in there and I am grateful that there is a short break and I will have a large block of time to get in there and sort things out.
In general I am happy with the sorting and de-cluttering I have been doing over the past year. I have come a long way in simplifying my life and living with less and I am proud that I am an ex-consumer.
I am aware that I am living a more ‘deliberate life’ and resisting the impulse to just buy things. I am planning things more carefully too.
So I am looking forward to the break and dealing with this one last room. I am planning to turn it into an office for when I begin my Life Coaching practice. Time to snap to and get the energy moving again.

Time to address some more clutter

There is one room in my little unit that needs a good de-clutter. Last year I finalised my storage unit in another state of the country and brought all the boxes here. I put them in the spare room, but over the past year they have be opened, ferreted through and left in a bit of a mess. In fact, it’s starting to look like something off that ‘Hoarders’ programme on TV ;-)
So I am making a commitment to getting the room sorted. I would like to get a bed in there at some stage so I can have friends and family visit, and the room being the way it is right now makes that impossible.
Also, somewhere deep in the bowels of the mess, there is a box that has my bush walking gear in it and as I am wanting to join a walking group, it’s a good idea that I find the stuff I need.
I love this journey and that I am constantly redefining my life and getting closer to a more simple lifestyle.


I was ruthless on the weekend!
The new clothes I have bought are wonderful and I love dressing nicely.
I spent time trying on all the old shirts in my wardrobe and as much as it broke my heart, I put everything that did not fit properly in a pile for the goodwill. Some things were brand new, never been worn, bought with “when I lose 5kg” in mind. Well, I have lost 28kg and they hang on me like a sack. Not a good look. They had to go.
My wardrobe is now a lot thinner too!
While I was doing all this, it occurred to me that a lot of the things had never been worn because I had too much and never really knew what I could and couldn’t fit into so I just used to wear a few things that were tried and trusted and conveniently to hand, easy to get to and looked OK.
I was appalled at the waste. A wardrobe full of clothes that had not been properly appreciated and enjoyed.
So I decided that from now on I will choose the night before, what I will wear the next day. I will wear every piece of clothing in my new slim wardrobe. I will wear and enjoy all my clothes.
Never again will I just ‘collect’ clothes.

Nothing to wear!

The weather has been so fantastic that the summer clothes I wrote about in my last entry on July 16 have now been brought out from the suit case under the bed and OMG!... I literally have nothing to wear. Everything, and I mean just about EVERYTHING falls off me!
I had to go shopping.
The clothes in my suitcase were all size 18-20 and I have shrunk to size 12-14!! I can’t believe I am a size 12!
So, now, after saying how little I have left in winter clothes, I have had to buy a whole new summer wardrobe.
It was fun, no two ways about it. And it made me realise that I have been holding onto some things that are just too big for me now and I will have to let them go.
So, the de-clutter of over sized summer shirts, tops and pants begins!
I am going for a more mix and match wardrobe which is just a little dressier casual than what I usually wear. It’s time to look beautiful and start showing off the new body!

Losing weight = less clothes in the wardrobe.

Well, it had to happen. For ages I have had too much in the way of “clobber”. Years of yo-yoing in my weight has meant a collection of sizes ranging from… ummm let’s not go there…

Anyway, I have now lost so much weight that I am down to two pairs of business pants and a handful of business shirts. It’s looking pretty much the same in the casual clothes department too. In total I have now lost about 25kg so I have gone down about 5 sizes and the local goodwill have gained a lot of good clothing for the needy.

It is obvious that as I continue to drop weight and change shape I will eventually have to buy new clothes, so I have made an agreement with myself that I will buy good quality items at the sales and practice the 1 in 2 out principle until I have no more overflowing shelves, drawers or crowded hanging space.

I have my old summer clothes stored in a suitcase under the bed. It will be interesting to see how much of them I have ‘shrunk’ my way out of when this summer comes. LOL

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