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quit caffeine

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Peaceful compromise?

Been a while since I checked in, but I’ve been working on the long-term stuff regardless.

I haven’t kicked the caffeine completely – but I am far more mindful about how and when I consume it. I keep caffeinated beverages to the daytime before 5 or 6 pm. It’s common advice to do that, but I always was sure it was nonsense. A few experiments proved me wrong, and it’s solved all the problems for me that I was having with caffeine.

I can still get a pickmeup in the morning/daytime, I no longer lie awake for seemingly no reason at night, and by breaking the caffeine cycle daily, I keep myself from becoming too dependent. It’s not the exact completion of this goal, but it’s a win.

Quitting for the millionth time

This goal just stays open, because I make big strides and am almost there and then oh no.

I have reached a steady spot these days, though. I haven’t quit caffeine, but I am mindful of the amount I drink, and ESPECIALLY of the hours I drink it. I don’t do any caffeine after 7 or 8, and I exclusively drink caffeine-free at home. I do still do caffeine, sometimes in the mornings, or with lunch. But I’m doing much better at sticking to the mindful consumption than I was with quitting cold turkey.

Next step, I think, is to reduce pop drinking altogether … which will further reduce caffeine consumption, I think. Maybe I will switch to iced tea.


So I completely SUCK at quitting caffeine. Rawr.

It's been about a week now

So, it’s been a week or so since I had any caffeine. I drink much less soda, which is a nice side effect. I haven’t quit pop completely, but I’m drinking caffeine-free diet now. When I run out at my house, I think I won’t buy any more. Power! Eventually I’ll have quit pop altogether.

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