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appreciate what I have

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change your mind change your life

what goes on in your head affects your health, immune system etc. Want to read up on psychoimmunology:

“In his work with animals Cannon observed that any change of emotional state in the animal, such as anxiety, distress, or rage, was accompanied by total cessation of movements of the stomach.” (wikipedia: immunology)

your mind and happiness: the way you interpret things!! what’s in your head has great influence over your experience. we can just change our mind, not the entire world.
avoid excessive focus on oneself.
generosity and peace, looking out at bigger world.
be part of something.

I think i might get sick a lot less if i were happier/healthier mentally. Psychoneuroimmunology studies showed that cetain stimulus can supress your immune system.

i am grateful for all of you

its so nice to see you are the only one on the www with this problem, goal etc. i am so glad you are all here to share the adventure as we try to be better people.


i have so much trouble with this one…anyone have some inspiration: website/book/tip to help me change my mindset. i think in general i’m a perfectionist and tend to dwell on the negative and how to fix it, on the past and what went wrong…

thank you for

great hubs. i love when we work towards our goals together and encourage eachother.


found myself complaining about something insignificant, like something that happened at work (i honestly cant remember), and then my hubbie brought up the earthquake in china. whoa, suddenly i looked around my world and realized just how blessed and privelaged I was…a beautiful apartment, great husband, healthly families, good job, food on the table…truly important to get head out of own butt and have some perspective! the more you think and concern yourself with others, especially volunteering etc, the happier you end up.

needs more work...

i see it in myself through my sister…the ungratefulness. for her its blatant presumed entitlement as in an unawareness that everyone doesnt get a new car when they turn 16 but that this is a GIFT your parents can choose to bestow on you if they choose. in myself, its less obvious but present none the less…i deserve a perfect husband (which i nearly have, but he must have a few faults…which are really only phsyical superficial things..his character is strong and wonderful). I am lucky for all i have and should not keep looking ofr something better or looking back through the shouldawoulda lens.

just lost a tooth...

part of my tooth with a cavity chipped off at work! i need to take better care of myself. whatever they give me will never work as well as that one god given tooth…you never get a second chance. your body is amazing and should be cared for—appreciate this gift.

taking care of things...

is a way to show you appreciate them. If we care for our stuff (get an oil change for the car and put air in, treat laundry stains immediately and patch torn clothes, scrub the bathtub and keep things put away) we start to appreciate what we already have in a way the creates clarity and simplicity. We aren’t rushing around to buy a new whatzit because we lost ours or broke it because we left it on the floor, or it wore out b/c we didn’t do maintenance. In this disposable culture, I think this is a way to really fight back and be happier (and save money!).

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