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find at least one thing each day that makes me happy and record it everyday for a year

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daylight savings! fall back!
surprise! don’t have to stay over at work!
made a juice, cleaned out bag
last day of coaching, here comes season off!
fun time at the movie, great weekend job of weight room!


no work this morning after break = perfect transition
tea in a jar
up early and rested.
a trip to nyc leads to new appreciation of my large free house


had a whole easy day of work. felt in control and good at my job.

tuesday december 13 2013 gives me hope
realizing…that…maybe I love my job. It’s great, getting better, and I’m starting to have fun and win over the heart of my students, all while starting to have a cleaner house, eating healthier, and having and more of a life!
I may be on the cusp of sending my first-ever xmas card – a big accomplishment!


sleeping in, nowhere to be. staying in bed and watching madmen marathon.

Starting again!

Day 1: (for yesterday)
Inventing the forehead council
Crowded, cramped bar with couple next to us so in love too (and looked wierdly similar)

I'm on vacation!!

for another week yet! get to see friends, excercize, sleep, get some sun, ski, read. So excited. And then only 2 months left of school!

happy = what didn't happen

my husband could have died last night from a fall. So glad he made it. We have both been very sick and it is so nice to be normal and healthy. Being able to EAT FOOD, SLEEP and FUNCTION NORMALLY. I am feeling so very greatful for our ability to get through a day without pain on a regular basis.

don't have too many things to love

day off!!

whoo whooo i dont have to work until 1:30

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