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Watch Julie and Julia within the next year - when I need it

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warning: emotional moment to follow.


notice: emotion receding to semi-normal levels.

lol I had to run to a store today in a plaza I really don’t frequent, and I just “happened” to walk by a rental place. And once again I thought, “ya know, if I just went ahead and rented it here, I could mark it off 43things.” :) I’ve been looking online for it for quite awhile now and couldn’t even find a place to watch it in a foreign language with English subtitles let alone rent the real thing!!

Now I needed to watch it a few days ago, and I’m truthfully not sure I want to watch it that much right now. But, that’s okay. I got it, I’ll watch it, and I hope I enjoy it and get as inspired as I’m hoping.

Anyway, I was very, very happy as I walked past the bus stop without even realizing. :P

Now would be good....

Seriously. I just botched up another meal. It usually turns out good, but I can never remember the ratio of spices so I always have to keep spicing and tasting every single time I make it. (shakes head) And today? I used frozen ingredients instead of refrigerated, and yeah, well, lets just say ain’t no spices fixing this.

And I made two batches!!!! and will not waste food, so guess who gets to eat it. joy, joy.

sigh. oh well, it could be worse. goodness knows I’ve made this worse before!!! lol

I need to watch this....desperately want to.

Can’t find this anywhere online to watch free or even to rent.


I just burned part of dinner. no joke!

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