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Hi/Lo: Daily reflect on the highs and lows of the day.

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Hi – Great talks and new understandings.

Lo – Another really bad headache.


Hi – Have a great talk with a close friend over sushi. Afterwards we went to a blues bar and listened to live music.

Lo – Not having Red Dead Redemption to play.


Hi – I had a great workout at my martial arts class and got to have give a short philosophy lecture.

Lo – Had a really, really bad headache for most of the day.


Hi – Walmart now carrying coconut water. While I love going to Whole Foods, I don’t always have time to drive an hour to Louisville. I was happy to see that Walmart is now carrying coconut water.

Hi – According to my blog stats, I’ve had over 100 unique hits since Sunday and my most recent post got retweeted and repinned on Pinterest. I feel optimistic about the blog gaining in popularity.

Lo – Being really tired and sore.


Hi – An awesome surprise video. :D, making some money, a great workout at my martial arts class, and tacos for dinner.

Lo – Feeling creepy when some teenage girls gave me Valentine’s candy.


Hi – 2 inches of snow. :) The first real snow of the winter. Plus I grilled bbq pork steaks outside in the snow. I’m hot like that.

Lo – Heartburn. :(


Hi – Finally getting that damn blog post finished. :)

Lo – Heartburn.


Hi – Loving talks with her.

Lo – Taking things too personally.


Hi – I found out today that The Red Hot Chili Peppers are coming to Louisville on June 7th to the new KFC Yum Center. I had checked the band’s website when their new album came out, and at the time there were no Louisville shows planned. Most of their shows were international (Europe and Asia) but they did have about a dozen shows planned for the US. I was considering going to New Orleans to hear them play in October. They are probably my favorite band and I love their music. I have never been able to see them live, though, and I wanted to make it a priority to see them on this tour because the band is nearly 30 years old and I’m not sure how many more tours/albums they have left in them. I was happy to hear on the radio that they added a tour stop in Louisville. Louisville never had a large arena until about a year ago. Since then, they have been one of most profitable arenas in the country and have been selling out regularly. Big acts like Lady Gaga, Katy, Perry, Kid Rock (who I saw there in February of 2011), and many others have been coming. I bought two tickets, one for myself and a second for my close friend, Bill, who is also a huge Peppers fan.

Lo – It’s been snowing all day but none of it is sticking. It’s just at the freezing point. I was really looking forward to seeing the snow since it’s been such an unusually warm winter this season.


Hi – Flirting. :) I also had a lot of fun and had a great workout at my martial arts class. My new dobok (uniform) came in and it’s awesome (it’s made out of a very heavy weight fabric, which I love). I also got news that the business deal I’ve been working on for this summer’s work is going through. This new addition to the work I already had lined up will make this a record breaking year, and there is a possibility more work will come in, as well. Looks like nearly $150K worth of work right now. That’s not profit, of course, but the total cost of the current work, and that might even increase. If expenses are managed properly, it should leave a sizable profit. :)

Lo – I lost a hubcap on my car. :(

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