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Write about the things I'm thinking and feeling from time to time.

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...reasonable isn’t always the better choice.

This I believe...

Your dreams are not always easy, but the important thing is that they can be done. You have to start by believing that.

I realized...

...while on a run this morning that there isn’t anything to escape from.

I know...’s a figure of speech “I’m happy for you”, but that’s not really accurate. Someone can be happy that I have something, are something, have accomplished something, etc., and while it’s true others may experience the effects of what I feel, no one can feel my happiness, peace, sadness, anger, or fear. No one can live my life but me. Learning to be happy and at peace is the great goal of life, and I’m the only one who can do it.

It doesn't matter...

...if there are storms or turbulence on the surface, it’s the deep calm that matters.


...are only two things in life that I can control: what I do and what I think.

I love...

...having the windows open. It’s great listening to the birds.

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