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The park

I took this last month when walking around my local park.

The park

I took this last month when walking around a local park.


I took this last month, we seemed to be getting rainbows every other day then.

At the beach

While at the beach I saw a group of guys dressed as pirates with fake swords, so when they started chasing eachother along the sand and faked fighting/dying I just had to take a photo.

Bank holiday: later in the day

This was taken at Dymchurch beach in the south east of England.

Bank holiday

Its taken a while but Ive got back into the routine of taking my camera with me when I go out places. Today my family and I went to a coastal nature reserve, its quite unique in the fact that theres a nuclear power station on the site and because of this the place is pretty desolate. Huge, flat land, covered with pebbles with the odd spiky plant or bit of grass and wooden huts dotted around. Plus old boats that people use to fish are brought back up onto higher land when not being used. To me it kinda looks like the landscape from the movie ‘the hills have eyes’. Anyway, they have agreat lighthouse there, and a miniature, working steam train that you can actually go on and travel to the coastal towns in the area.

We took a long walk along the pebbled beach, which to get to we had to walk up the really steep incline of pebbles. I nearly caused a rock slide and thought I was going to fall back down, but I made it to the top eventually. We walked about a mile along and then back. The weather was absolutely perfect, the sun was shining, it was slightly warm and there was a nice breeze. I was rather windswept after, but its all part of the fun. I found a load of huge shells which I just had to pick up so that I could make a display on the shelf at home.

After this we drove along to the next town and say on the sea wall, overlooking the sandy beach with some chips. It was really nice as lots of people were wandering around and people were doing karaoke on the seafront :-)


I took so many pictures when I was in Bath, mainly of buildings such as the Abbey and the Roman baths, and also of the shops and houses as I love the 1600s and 1700s era of architecture, everything just looks so grand.

The photo was taken inside Bath Abbey.


And another. I like a lot of the photos I took on this holiday, the scenery is just so different.


Another one from Turkey


Taken when I was in Turkey

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