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read 50 books in 2008

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chrysania has written 50 entries about this goal

50) Vikas Swarup - Slumdog Millionaire

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the book is already very recommendable.

49) Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, pray, love

A lovely book. I couldn’t necessarily relate to all her experiences, but is was a great read.

48) Stephen Clarke - A year in the Merde

I don’t really understand why this book was hyped so much. Given it is sometimes entertaining, but the jokes are so predictable and just very common prejudices.

47) Frederick Forsythe - The Veteran

Not my kind of book. Five random short stories, most of them predictable.

46) Lee Child - The persuader

A book I borrowed just because it was there. It was an ok read, I’ve learned a lot about guns – information I didn’t really need or wanted to have, but ok. Nothing special though.

45) Micheal Connelly - The Brass Verdict

As always a pleasure to read, but honestly, it resembled way to much the Lincoln Lawyer. Not only is it the main protagonist, it is also basically the same story line, he draws on the same legal tricks and this half-brother things is just squeezed into the book to somehow justify bringing Harry into the book as well. There are way better books by the author.

44) Lynda LaPlante - Clean Cut

The third book about police women Anna Travis and it follows smoothly but in story line and quality.

43) Deon Meyer - Dead at Daybreak

I know I didn’t make in 2008, but still finishing the 50.

42) Hugh Laurie - The gun seller

It’s rather a comedy than a book about spies and world destroying conspiracies. But a good comedy and a very nice read.

41) Colin Cotterill - Thirty-Three teeth

Although I’ve never been to Laos, these books are great. I’ve liked the first Dr. Siri better, but this one was still pretty good.

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