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Free Online College Courses

Taking 2 free college level courses from Coursera…
Jazz Improvisation, and Songwriting. While I was a music major in college for a time (before I decided I could never really make a career from it unless I went big and thus changed my major), I did some Jazz and was heavily involved with composition. Hoping this gets my creative side moving again, and maybe I can actually write some lyrics to go with my songs that are not cheezy!

Starting page 3

Starting page three of my latest composition….trying to keep it simple so I can actually finish it!! I think I could easily write a 27 page symphony….but thinking of achievable goals here. Finishing is most important…pizzaz later!

New iPad app for composition

Symphony Pro is awesome! I am still figuring out all features, but it handles multiple tracts and instruments, and has a great sequencing and playback feature. I just need to get some headphones for the iPad and I am in business!

Manuscript paper

I discovered my lack of manuscript paper is not really encouraging this goal much….need to make it a “to-do” to pick up some this week.

Former Music Composition Major Here.....

and haven’t written a song in many years. I started writing music when I was 4 and won multiple competitions with my compositions over the years. When I was in 4th grade, I started studying with a professor at a nearby university who was also a resident composer, and later studied also with a published composer who introduced me to various ways of playing with notes and exploring creativity. I have the software, I have a recording studio, I have a piano, I have instruments, I have knowledge….yet I have not written in a long long time.

I have no doubt I could get something published…I like to write the more technical stuff, and even though most of my experience is with piano, I could easily write for clarinet or even rhythm sections. No limits….it is just a matter of motivation and doing it!

I just need to sit down and do it!!! Why don’t I??

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