cia007 in Olympia is doing 43 things including…

Go Kayaking

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Cabellas DELIVERY?

Heh. I figured out today that I can look into getting my brand new kayak delivered (or at least threaten to!). That way DH can’t use the excuse of not being able to get it home. Then I will look for a good roof rack for my car!! I think DH is starting to wake up to the fact I am serious about getting this kayak and going out in it. He tried to give me the run around with “where are you going to put it” and “I like to plan for these things” and I came back with “well, you never planned for places for your camera stuff which is all over the floor!” Point made (big grin

Still have not made it to Cabellas for a kayak!

I’ve got the funds, but lack the support. I have to find a way to transport it. I don’t know if the small kayak will fit in the back of a volvo station wagon…but otherwise I’m going to have to figure out another solution. Bummer.

Checking out local excursions

I saw there is a trip in April, but it is to a local lake with a group. I’m really hoping to sign up for several of the trips in Puget Sound, which are later in the spring. In the meantime, I’m going to Cabella’s and a few local stores this weekend to shop for kayaks!

Got my Christmas Gift Certificates....

Should I do it? I’ve been eying a small hard portable kayak similar to the one my mother bought…plenty of lakes and the Puget Sound to go kayaking in around my home….should I should I? I have enough.. problem is I am frugal. I also found some local kayak tours…

Cabellas just opened up near me

I think I’m gonna go research Kayaks for purchase! I won a little contest, and with my birthday and Christmas coming I think I might be able to scrounge up the funds to buy one!

While not reaching my ultimate goal as specified in detail....

I did get to go kayaking in Duck Lake at Ocean Shores for a few minutes before a speed boat blew through and created a huge wake….spent most of the time teaching my 5 yr old how to kayak himself, with the kayak tied to a rope. Problem was there was only one kayak. I’m asking for one for Christmas! I’m thinking I need one that is small and portable, so if I want to just pick up and go I can throw it in the back of the car with no hassle…still need to find a kayak class or tour to meet my ultimate goals…

Kayak the Puget Sound

I would like to Kayak the Puget Sound, and then later possibly Kayak parts of SE Alaska. I live too close to the water to miss this opportunity, and need to do it while I can!

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