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watch less tv

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For now

I would have to say that I have accomplished this one.

We don’t watch much TV since my accident. I’m spending a lot more time in front of my computer instead.

Also, we cut our cable plan drastically to save money. I really miss some of my favorite shows on the upper channels. But it is what it is.

I am going to mark this goal Done for now. If the TV becomes a problem again I will reinstate it.

One way to...

reduce the TV watching is to have some of your favorite shows get canceled. I heard a rumor that both Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money are on the chopping block.

At least...

I need to cut down on the shows after 10 so I can get my body into bed.

Fall Season

I did pretty well on this one over the summer but fall is here and new shows are coming on. Sometimes I want to give up on this one.


I really need to take this one more seriously. I can’t help it, I love to watch TV. But I know it’s bad for me to spend so much time inactive and it’s definitely getting in the way of getting other important things done.

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