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Take vitamins daily

72 cheers


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Carm has written 6 entries about this goal

I am on...

Day 11 of taking my multivitamin and Day 44 of taking the fish oil. The multivitamin habit still needs a little tweaking because it’s not every time that I take it with food as is recommended.

I should probably bring a baggy of vitamins to the office where I eat breakfast at my desk (like R8 does). Then I could leave the bottle of vitamins at home on the counter as a reminder for Walter to take his when he has his cereal in the morning.

We've been...

taking the fish oil nightly for over a month now. Walter is doing this with me. I seem to have more success adding habits if Walter will do it with me at least at first. Besides, fish oil is good for him too.

Since the fish oil has been going well for a while we started yesterday taking our multi-vitamin in the morning. The first 2 days have been fine but this could be harder to implement than the fish oil.

I’m always in such a hurry to get out the door in the morning it could be easy to forget them. Of course I could try keeping a stash in the office, but I would rather not do that. I’m trying to make this part of my “pack up to get out the door” routine.

Doing Well With the Fish Oil

This seems to be only goal I’m making much headway on at the moment. We’ve been taking our fish oil each night for about 2-1/2 weeks so far. If we can get to 30 days I think we’ll add a multi-vitamin in the morning.

Fish oil
On my counter I have multi-vitamins, fish oil, and calcium+Vitamin D tablets. They are just waiting for me to start taking them. While fish oil is not technically a vitamin, I’m going to start with that one. As I understand it fish oil has many benefits including:
  • good for my heart
  • good for my brain
  • good for my skin
  • good for my joints
  • facilitates weight loss (I forgot how this one is supposed to work but supposedly it’s a small factor)
    and most importantly:
  • good for reducing dry eyes!

I took one last night and have convinced Walter to take them with me. I thought bedtime would be an easy time to remember to take them. We’ll see how it goes.

Bought Some

Well I bought some [thanks for the reminder ToddieM]. This will be an easier habit to ingrain if I can get my husband to take them too. We do better with habits we tackle at the same time because one day he will remember and another day I will remember.

We took them together the first night but I’m afraid we have forgotten them since. That’s probably because we don’t eat at home every night. I’m reading under this thread that it’s better to take them earlier in the day though so maybe we’ll have to figure out something with breakfast. We don’t usually eat breakfast together during the week so that could be difficult.

Get Some

I guess I should get some vitamins so I can do this one.

Carm has gotten 72 cheers on this goal.


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