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In times of crisis...

we tend to keep in touch a little better. It’s too bad that sometimes that’s what is needed to spur us to action.

I’ve been on the phone a lot today talking to family and friends about two issues. First is my mother’s recent situation (which I wrote about under my taking care of Mom goal).

The other is the dire flood warnings for much of Washington state. Lewis County will be particularly hard hit. I have a sister, a nephew, and two cousins living there. Last year one cousin lost pretty much everything when the water came very high inside her house. They spent the last year buying, renovating, and rebuilding everything. I don’t know how many times someone can go through something like that. I hear she did manage to get flood insurance however.

They are saying this year’s flooding could well be worse than last year’s. Even my sister is worried about her home and she lives on a little bit higher ground. I hope everyone will be safe and not too much property damage will be incurred.

Craving My Friends

I have been ignoring this goal lately because I’ve been kept so busy taking care of Mom and working. That’s not good because it means I’m ignoring my friends just when I need them the most. It has occurred to me that it might help to develop a system for keeping in touch with my friends.

Today I came across this post which talks about a great system for keeping in touch. The author also wrote this follow-up post on how to repair an atrophied relationship. I’m excited to try out these ideas.

In the meantime I’ve been fortunate to hear from 3 friends in the last two days. These are friends who have long owed me correspondence and it was just awesome to hear from them. I’m feeling very fortunate to have the friends I do.

Carm has gotten 77 cheers on this goal.


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